DiSC Profile

The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile is an outstanding, very affordable assessment to help you understand yourself and others, especially in a work setting. It helps you understand your natural behavioral tendencies and use those to choose a work experience that aligns with your behavioral strengths.

It also allows you to recognize the natural tendencies of others. Armed with this information, you are able to make minor adjustments in your behavior to work more effectively with colleagues who have other primary styles. You will find that you can master the core characteristics of each behavioral style and ways to change or moderate.

The Workplace Profile reaches another level of impact when an entire team or organization completes the profile. Then there is a common language to discuss expectations, needs and desired rules of engagement which differ among people based on their style.

Other reports available in the DiSC family include the Work of Leaders profile and the 363 leadership profile for executives. Contact Next Wave to find out more.

To take the DiSC profile, provide your name and email address below. The profile and a 30-minute consultation with Next Wave Coaching is $125.

$ 125.00


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