Authentic Happiness

The Authentic Happiness site ( is chocked full of fun and free personality assessments. Grounded in research about positive psychology, these assessments will help you understand the ingredients of happiness and how to tap into personal satisfaction.

Center for Creative Leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership ( offers webinars, workshops, research and free newsletters on leading. This highly respected organization has helped define the characteristics and develop the competencies for great leadership.

Manager Tools

Manager Tools ( DiSC fans rejoice as the two master managers behind this site, Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne, help you leverage the DiSC and well-researched best practices to manage up, down and across. Podcasts, articles and assessments abound on this excellent resource for managers and career-focused professionals at all levels. Start with Manager Basics under Podcasts. Do not take the DiSC profile from this site. It is a much older version called DiSC 2.0. You want to take the Everything DiSC Workplace profile. This site is a wealth of information on personal and professional development. You can check out a good portion of the content for free and sign up for deeper access. Search on almost any topic related to improving your life and you’ll get well-written, well-researched actionable information.

What Our Clients Said

  • “Everything at the office has changed. Everything! You have helped me see so clearly how I can impact the way my team works. They just can't get over the change in my approach to interacting with them. And I feel so much more positive about the direction we are headed.”

    Lisa Cumbey
    Graphic Design Firm

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