Next Wave Coaching Services

One-on-one coaching series

This 12-session series is for the professional who is in transition as a business owner, leader or manager, either moving into the next stage or making a first move into a higher profile position. You need to be ready to explore and set two to three goals to move yourself forward. The first session is without obligation to determine if this is the right option for you and Next Wave Coaching.

One-on-one coaching sessions

A client can engage Next Wave for as few as three sessions to address a challenge or issue.

Group Coaching

Next Wave Coaching can work with project teams, leadership groups or other work groups to help align their thinking and approach in order to improve productivity, effectiveness and harmony among the members of the group. Cost for Group coaching varies depending on the members, assessments and length of the engagement.


Quiet Influence: Take your technical expertise to the top

This group coaching program will enhance your relationship-building and influencing skills so that you and your organization can see the full value of your technical expertise. Each of the 12 90-minute sessions will focus on key topics and practices to build on your strengths. The program includes the Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment, and tons of resources. Participants will graduate from the program with a personal influence plan that keeps them on track to accomplish their goals.

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Next Wave offers a selection of programs specifically designed to address key challenges faced by today's professionals in a knowledge worker's world:

The Essence of Expectation

One of the biggest disconnects between workers is unspoken or under developed expectations. Improving your skills in asking for and offering up the commitments you intend will create clear expectations. Using the well-researched, widely-administered DiSC profile assessment, you can learn how to modify your behavior so you can set and meet expectations more powerfully than before. More important, this approach to communicating builds trust by design. If all agendas are on the table, every player is more likely to engage.

Influence: Refining your leadership presence

You give off dozens of cues to others verbally and non-verbally. To achieve leadership presence, you must consider these cues intentionally and design them so that they align with your agenda. Exactly how do you do that? You get clear on your agenda, crystal clear. And then you choose the cues that reinforce it. With practice, you'll be saying what you want, asking for what you need and leaving the desired impression.

Listening, Filtering and Asking: The communications triple play

Especially for technical professionals and introverts (often one in the same), this half or full day session demonstrates how you can build on your natural strengths to listen, filter for relevant information and ask curious questions to effectively build relationships at work.

Personal Power Profile

Where does your personal power come from today? What sources of power have you overlooked? What situation should you avoid when you don't have the power needed for it? We will look at 10 power sources and help you do a "start, stop, keep" assessment of your personal power.

Leadership and Communications Assessments

Gay-Lynn is a certified DiSC trainer and offers a host of individual, leader and group assessments along with coaching to help professionals dive into the ripest opportunities to be more effective at engaging and leading others.

What Our Clients Said

  • “Your coaching helped me to unlock a story of how I could remake the way my organization operated. You helped me to clearly identify a problem the organization was facing, as well as guide my thinking through how to attack the challenge and how to enlist others to my point of view. As a result, the organization has made sweeping modifications to its operating plan in order to drive objectives that impact the mission.”

    Chris Minnis
    District Sales Manager
    Dot Foods, Inc.

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