Use your mental strengths to easily engage with others

Are you a technology expert, scientist or engineer who gets drained by dealing with people?

You studied for years to be able to work on the technical, scientific or systems problems you were hired to solve. And you just want to focus on that. It's what you do best. It's what you know.

What if you could effortlessly communicate with colleagues and lead others so you could dive into the complex, fascinating world where you are an expert?

What if dealing with other people didn't slow you down?

What if you could take some of the same mental strengths you use for your technical work and apply them to dealing with people?

When people skills become a strength rather than a chore:

  • You increase your chances of promotion. Technical prowess gets you through the early days of your career, but it won't help you be an effective leader.
  • You benefit from the multiplier effect of collaboration to produce better results.
  • You increase your agility by using your strengths in new ways.
  • You exert your energy on the right things.
  • You save time by establishing and meeting clear expectations from the start.

Gay-Lynn Carpenter, PCC*, has applied her analytical brain and nearly 30 years of corporate communications experience to professional leadership coaching for technical professionals to create an affordable audio course designed just for you.

You have to communicate with people effectively to get great results. You might as well make it easy.

*PCC: professional certified coach

Training Series

This three-part training series will show you how to take your natural analytical strengths and rewire them to increase your people skills. Each segment is about 15 minutes.

  1. Listening: You already listen well, just listen differently
  2. Filtering data: Decide what filters will help you engage others most effectively
  3. Questioning: Apply your well-developed curiosity to ask relationship-building questions.

You will immediately receive Part One of the training series. It will come in two-week intervals and include specific practices for you to try out at work or in your personal life. Your investment: $47 for all three sessions, exercises and homework materials.

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