Quiet Influence: Take your technical expertise to the top

12-week, in-person group coaching program starts soon

Do you struggle to get your ideas heard? Are you puzzled by how to be more influential with your colleagues? Have you realized that your technical expertise by itself is not enough to achieve your career goals?

If you've studied for years to hone your technical skills, then that may be your comfort zone. But employers are expecting more from technical experts. They want engineers, scientists and information technology professionals who can lead and influence in their organizations. While technical expertise can power you through the early days of your career, a lack of leadership and influencing skills can limit your options and your impact.

Not every approach to influence needs to be the same. Since quiet, deliberative thinkers are often drawn to technical fields, they need to be able to design their own approach, one that is less like the extroverted behaviors often associated with influence.

Group coaching offers a number of advantages over traditional training for this type of development. Because learning takes place in a group setting, participants have a ready-made laboratory to practice new behaviors and reactions. They can also tap into the wisdom and experiences of the group as they develop new skills. And perhaps most important, a coaching session creates the environment where participants can design their own authentic approach to influence, one that feels just right and fits just right.

Quiet Influence: Take your technical expertise to the top offers participants the ideal combination of teaching, guidance and coaching. Each week for 12 weeks, the group will tackle specific focus areas. The fee includes

  • 12 90-minute, in-person coaching sessions
  • The Everything DiSC Workplace assessment,
  • Online training
  • A template to build your personal influence plan
  • The book Quiet: Introverts in a world that can't stop talking by Susan Cain
  • 30-minute monthly individual coaching calls
  • Dedicated Facebook group

The program is based on a proprietary framework to build your influence:

  • Set your intention (Agenda)
  • Benchmark your approach (DiSC or other assessment)
  • Recalibrate your strengths (How new agenda reshapes your strengths)
  • Add to your arsenal (What new skills present themselves)
  • Hardwire your habits (practice and individual coaching)

Cost: $1497 or 3 monthly installments of $525.

Topic Areas

Week One:  Personal Influence Agenda (DiSC Workplace profile) 
Week Two: Listening
Week Three: Filtering
Week Four: Questioning
Week Five: Contribution
Week Six: Conflict
Week Seven: Empathy
Week Eight: Curiosity
Week Nine: Reciprocity
Week Ten: Confidence
Week Eleven: Agility
Week Twelve: Personal Influence Plan

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