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Take the next bold move in your life.

Use coaching as a catalyst to define and achieve your goals.

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About Next Wave

Next Wave Coaching helps emerging leaders, technical experts and rising executives become more influential and effective by building on their leadership and communications muscle. Clients discover and act on insights that will inspire them to step up to their potential.

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Science-Based Approach

Freshen your perspective. Challenge your thinking.


Your Partner

Navigate your growth and career

Gay-Lynn Carpenter, PCC, has been a certified coach since 2008. She brings her 25-year career in corporate communications to help you strengthen your leadership, presence and communications so you can be more influential in your organization. She uses her training in neuro-scientific techniques to capitalize on the brain's ability to act on new thinking and insights.

Leadership coaching services

Clear. Confident. Committed.

Maybe you have your eye on a bigger role. Perhaps you want to have a lot more impact right where you are. And you need a way to get there. That means a proven process, a person who holds you accountable, and a partner who provokes compelling insights that marshal you into action. Next Wave Coaching helps you clarify your thinking, focus your insights and stick to your plan.

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“What we think, we become.” Buddha
We are the sum of our stories, drafted meticulously through the lens of experience, observation and education. Coaching is a miraculous way to edit your stories, no matter how detailed, so they reflect who you want to be.

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